What’s happening:

Why Art in Hospitals is Important:

Recent studies have shown better outcomes for patients in the presence of art in healthcare facilities. The Gathering Goodness Mosaic is proud to be a part of this movement. As a movable exhibit that has multiple accessible points for connection, the Gathering Goodness Mosaic can be a wonderful building block to creating a permanent collection for your healthcare facilty.

Read these recent articles:

 Design Week, Filling hospitals with art reduces patient stress, anxiety and pain.”

Consult QD of the Cleveland Clinic, How Much Does Hospital Art Collection Improve Patient Experience”

Artnet , “Fine Art is Good Medicine: How Hospitals Around the World are Experimenting with the Healing Power of  Art” (long article)

Where's the Gathering Goodness Mosaic Now?

The exhibit will be removed on Aug 15, 2019. It will then return to the studio for upkeep and any possible needed repairs. Also paintings will be shipped out to original backers during this month and replacements will be generated for future exhibits.

DUE to COVID-19 the exhibit remained at Wentworth Douglas Hospital until the end of October 2020 before being dispersed to various backers.

Where is It Going Next?

We will be installing the Gathering Goodness Mosaic on Saturday, October 12 at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital where it will remain for six months. Susan York will also be speaking at the conference Spiritual Care and Cancer: Addressing the Whole Person at Wentworth-Douglass on October 22, 2019 at 1:00PM if you would like to attend this conference please register here.

Pictures from the Road: artist Susan J. York and various fans and supporters of the Gathering Goodness Mosaic installed in many different hospitals.

How can I get the Mosaic to come to a Hospital near Me?

The first step is to contact your hospital’s foundation and work with them around a fundraising campaign to benefit local cancer patients. The Gathering Goodness Mosaic® is offered to hospitals primarily for this purpose. There is a minimal charge for delivery and installation fees. Details of costs for a particular location can be worked out with the artist and her team. The artist is also available for opening activities and speaking engagements to staff, community and fellow cancer patients and their families. She can advise on activities that can be based around the exhibit. 

The art work can also be utilized as an example for a permanent Gathering Goodness Mosaic® for your area based on what inspires peace, joy and love in your community. The artist can also advise on how to crowd source and fund such a project,  but  she does require an ability to submit a proposal for such a project in the new location.