On Display

The full Gathering Goodness Mosaic as it is displayed in hospitals is shown above. Its total size is 5' x 35' though it can be separated into sections as the location dictates. The 108 individual paintings are below in the gallery and can be viewed by scrolling through them .

Thanks to my good friend Joanne Piazzi (who made the video below for the project) , you can see the team effort for first installation at Houlton Regional here:

Why is it called Gathering Goodness?

The images and stories of the Mosaic were crowd-sourced during a kickstarter campaign in 2016. Backers submitted over 600 photos and images, over 460 pages of text and over 80 musical submissions including several albums and compact discs delivered in the mail. The paintings created and the story it tells is a reflection of those submissions.  

All work was done for the Gathering Goodness Mosaic in the 108 days promised by the kickstarter campaign. All of the original paintings were done in acrylic on gallery wrapped canvases. The canvases were primed with  hand tinted gesso mixed with essential oils with names like Hope, Joy, Abundance and Envision. 

Write down the titles of your favorite paintings to help with ordering a print or if you'd like to inquire about purchasing the original or a similar custom piece.

Click on the images below to see the full sized painting as only thumbnails are shown here. You can easily scroll through the paintings in that format using arrows at either side of your screen.  You may also magnify images using controls in the upper right corner of your screen – the titles will be at the bottom of your screen though the size is not shown in that format only here on the thumbnails.

If you choose to share a piece please credit the artist, Susan J. York and  this website. Thank you.