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Susan speak at the first opening: 

Thank you for your support of the Gathering Goodness Mosaic in person and virtually, I feel so grateful to have you on this journey with me. Before I got sick I described myself as a blessed child upon the planet. like everyone I had my down days when faced with fear, anger and loss. However, when I got cancer I knew I was blessed because I had such amazing people in my life and through the Gathering Goodness Mosaic that number has grown to include people I've never met.   

In December 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer, I sat in a doctor’s office and he told me I had to have surgery in 8-10 days to remove a tumor the size of a wine bottle or prepare to die. I was terrified, so I asked everyone I knew to pray or send good thoughts to me. 

After my surgery with the tumor removed, I had a prolonged miraculous sensation. I physically felt all those prayers and good thoughts coming to me from around the world. I describe it as being held in the hand of God. 

I was overwhelmed by the PEACE, JOY and LOVE I felt.

 I wanted to find a way to give back

I decided to create a mosaic of 108 paintings that would be a manifestation of the energy I felt after my surgery. I wanted to reflect the positive feelings in the world.

I chose 108 to reflect the number of beads on a mala, which are used to count during times of prayer & meditation. To magnify my intention, I crowd sourced inspirations of peace, love and joy in the form of images, music, videos and stories as well as crowdfunding for the supplies I needed through a kickstarter campaign. I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the magnitude of response from around the world. 

Initially I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to raise the money through kickstarter to do the project. Then I worried I might get sick again, but I decided I wanted to leave this legacy no matter what. Then I worried about where to show it and how the work would be received. 

Then Gathering Goodness Mosaic found its way to the first hospital and the response has been amazing. People share with me the comfort and uplift that seeing the work or reading the book give them. Some of them asked to have prints and I was able to find a printer I trusted with the piece of the project. So now you too can own a piece of the Mosaic and have a bit of the Gathering Goodness in your home to help you stay focused on the positive and comfort you when it’s a struggle to do so. 

My friend's and I fondly called this my baby orangutan look ...
Three days after my last chemotherapy treatment - I was already gathering goodness and ready for adventure.